Services and Prices

Here you well find out for yourself what my services consist of in a minimum package and how much they cost

Not expensive photographer services in Moldova in Chisinau. Сommercial and privat photographer in Moldova

PACK № 1

Individual photo shoot

Applicable for publishing on social networks, printing for photo albums, posting on dating sites etc. 

  • Consultation on choosing an idea for the shoot 
  • Detailed plan for the photo shoot (references, props, poses, clothes).
  • Process organization (location search, studio booking, additional equipment, etc.) 
  • 1-2 people in the frame 
  • 1 hour of shooting
  • All sources selected by me (±90 frames) 
  • Author’s color correction 25 frames 
  • 7 retouched frames of your choice
  • Individual access to all your photos for a month


Not expensive photographer services in Moldova in Chisinau. Сommercial and privat photographer in Moldova

PACK № 2


Applicable for websites, catalogs, social media publishing, print, banners etc.

  • Analysis and consulting focused on upselling 
  • Idea and concept development 
  • Cooperation with bloggers (if necessary) 
  • Process organization (search for location, gathering a team, renting additional equipment) 
  • Subject shooting without people/1-3 people in the frame 
  • 3 edits of the test shots 
  • All sources selected by me (quantity depends on the task) 
  • Pre-agreed color correction for all the snapshots.
  • Individual access to all your photos within a month. 

 For subject shooting the cost is frame-by-frame: 

3€/frame (40-100 frames) 

2€/frame (101-200 frames) 

For catalog shooting the cost is hourly: 


Minimum time: 2 hours. 

 From the third hour: 50€/hour

Not expensive photographer services in Moldova in Chisinau. Сommercial and privat photographer in Moldova

PACK № 3

Reportage photography

Applicable for event photography, preservation of memorable events etc.

  • Consultation on the choice of location
  • Detailed shooting plan (references, props, clothes) 
  • Process organization (if necessary) 
  • From 3 people in the frame 
  • 2 hours of shooting 
  • All my selected sources (±220 frames)
  • Author’s color correction of 60 frames
  • Individual access to all your photos for a month. 


From the second hour: 50€/hour

In all cases, studio rental, additional equipment and props are paid separately

Important to know

Each shoot has its own peculiarities and nuances. Above are the most popular conditions of photo shoots, which you can rely on and take as a basis. 

Nevertheless, during cooperation, we will jointly form your individual package of services, in which we will realize all your desires. I am flexible to the formation of the conditions of shooting and will be happy to discuss your preferences! I also welcome barter and am engaged in field photography.

How is it done? Behind the scenes

 STEP 1: Generating an idea 

You call or write me in any convenient messenger/social network (see “contact” section) and tell me your thoughts about the photo shoot. If You have no ideas of your own, You only need to briefly describe what do you do and what is your goal for the shoot

STEP 2: Conceptualization 

I start developing the concept myself. I find references (examples of the photos), I look for the best location, make up a color palette, help with the choice of the outfits. If necessary, I make an agreement with a makeup artist and/or stylist and finally form the final cost of the shoot

STEP 3: Booking a date 

Together we choose a convenient date and time for the shoot. I book the studio (if necessary) and you make a downpayment in the amount we have agreed upon 

For outdoor shoots it is best to book morning/evening hours close to sunset

STEP 4: Conduct the photo shoot

I arrive at the location early to set up lights/explore the area, take test shots and prepare props

You will need to arrive 10 minutes in advance to have time to change and explore the space

Be aware that if there is makeup and styling session organised by my make-up artist you will need to arrive even earlyer to prepare!

STEP 5: Processing and receiving the images 

There are two options for processing your photos: 

1) I send you all the successful sources and you choose your favorite ones in an agreed amount. After that I do color correction and retouching

2) I myself choose the agreed number of photos, do color correction and retouching

The time to getting the results varies from 1 day to 2 weeks depending on the number of photos and the degree of complexity of the processing

STEP 6: Getting Feedback 

If you wish, after your photo shoot, you can leave any feedback in the “Testimonials” section of this website.  Thank you and see you soon!

I will be glad to our cooperation! 

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