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Сommercial and privat photographer in Moldova

Who am I?

Let me to introduce myself. My name is Katya, and starting from 2019 my main occupation is photography. In my work I combine retro and art themes. 

Since my childhood I was attracted to everything that was somehow connected with the photo cards. Old cameras, books with illustrations, magazines, colorful and black & white printing. I collected advertising flyers and business cards, compared the gloss and matte diferencies.

The 2019 is famous in my circle for the fact that during it I managed to take several courses on photographer’s expertise, seriously considered a career as a photographer and began to earn money from it. And then I bought my new equipment, worked with famous brands, studied marketing and sales (to tell You a secret, I’m a full-fledged content creator).

Now my activity combines three spheres of life: passion, hobby and work. For me it’s more than business, for me photography is the life itself!

How can I be of service for you?

The main areas of my work are: 

  •  Men’s individual, portrait photo shoots 
  •  Advertising photography (for catalogs, social networks, banners, etc.) 
  •  Reportage photography 
  •  Macro photography (jewelry, close-ups in any sphere). 

On individual request I perform: 

  • Family photo shoots 
  • Children’s photo shoots 
  • Content photography 
  • Industrial photography 
  • Women’s individual, portrait photography 

You can contact me about creating: 

Men’s, acting and modeling portfolios

Also, creative projects are always welcome! Open to TFP offers

Сommercial and privat photographer in Moldova